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The castle of Lednice is a part of the Lednice-valtice complex, which belongs to the UNESCO heritage as of 1996. The first historical mention of this settlement dates back to 1222. The estate moved under the administration of Lichtenštejns by the end of 13th century and it remained in their possession for the next 700 years. The Lichtenštejns dynasty created something that is claimed to be unparalleled on the world-scale. In 16th century, Hartmann II. from Lichtenštejn had the fortress torn down and built a renaissance castle in its stead. However, even this structure was demolished at the end of the 17th century and a baroque residence, containing vast garden and a monumental riding-school was built. The castle gained its current appearance reflecting the English Tudor gothic style after an extensive renovation in mid 1800s. The entire complex is considered one of the central Europe’s wonders.

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