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Břevnov Monastery was founded by Prince Boleslav II and Bishop Vojtěch of Prague in 993. It was built halfway between the Prague Castle hill and the White Mountain (Bílá Hora). From the very beginning it was a male monastery inhabited by the Benedictine monastic order. During the Hussite wars in 1420, it was largely devastated by the campers. The surviving monks went to the Broumov monastery. The restoration took place in the middle of the 16th century. Between 1708 and 1745, the monastery underwent a significant Baroque reconstruction to the form we know it today. This reconstruction was carried out by prominent architects Kryštof Dientzenhofer and Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer with the participation of Peter Brandl. The monastery avoided the Josephine reforms thanks to the local hospital and educational institution. Between 1951 and 1991 it was dissolved and housed the Archives of the Ministry of the Interior, headed by the State Security (StB - secret police). It was not restored until 1993.

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