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Can you think of anyone who does not know the picturesque little church from fairy tales about the cat Mikeš? It appears in almost every one of Josef Lada´s painting, whether bathing in the sun or covered with a magical snowy blanket. However, even the building itself has its architectural charm. The first mention goes beyond the year 1200, which is the time when the St. Vojtěch Chapel is mentioned as the property of the Ostrov monastery. After it was built in the first half of the 13th century, the church was dedicated to St. Wenceslas. In 1466 the church was along with the parish affiliated to the estate of Komorní Hrádek and later in the 16th century dedicated to St. Nicholas. In the 17th century the church undergone an extensive reconstruction and preserved its form till today. It served as a parish until 1953. The Roman trick portal with a unique frontispiece are the most valuable parts of the church.

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