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Thousands of tourists head each year to one of our most famous castles, Konopiště. Most of them are not even aware that there is another, perhaps even more interesting monument, just a several kilometres away. Near the noble residence stands in place of an earlier Slavic settlement a picturesque tribune church from the 13th century, which is one of the oldest Romanesque buildings in the country. During the 800 years of its existence, the church has been remodelled two times; in 1872 and in 1904. The second of those adjustments followed the project of Josef Mocker, who significantly heightened the tower and embellished her with arched neo-Romanesque windows. The castle is surrounded by a wall and a cemetery, accessible via a Neo-Gothic gate. A small underground passage leads from here to the Konopiště castle. It is bricked and in places so wide there is enough space for two horse-riders.

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