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An undiscovered gem in the Western Bohemia – that is the unique site near the Tachov town and the second biggest riding hall in the middle Europe, after Spanish court riding hall in Vienna. The man behind this spectacular project is General Alfred I. Windischgrätz. He considered the local nature to be so picturesque that he decided to reconstruct a decaying Paulaner church in 1857 and turned it into a Romantic palace. Almost simultaneously, he initiated construction of the riding hall and finished it in 1861. The layout solution was fully subordinated to its purpose – the basement of the riding hall consisted of a blacksmith's workshop, store rooms, coal storage, the blacksmith's apartment and premises for dung disposal. Upstairs, the floors were equipped with loges, galleries and residential rooms with toilets. The lightning in its inner space is extraordinary, too, using prismatic skylight in the height of 26 meters.

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