Restaurants Miniature Park Boheminium

Bistro and grill

Bistro of the Miniature Park Boheminium is a new concept. The idea was born not so long ago. A few years ago there was only a small place, where you could have a coffee, beer and sausage. Then it was enough. But today, thanks to the park extension, high attendance of visitors and new vision of current managment, it add wind to park´s sails. Bistro has two areas. It has capacity of 35 pax inside and 40 seats outside. Enjoy the romantic atmoshere and feel more comfortable by the fireplace. You can choose from the selection of snacks: sandwiches, salads, desserts and others. In summer time you can enjoy you time sitting outside and smell the yummy smell of grilled vegetables, steaks etc. We offer fresh and local products. Come and taste delicious and memorable experience at the Bistro of Miniature Park Boheminium. This place is great not only for breakfast or lunch. Have a meeting with your business partners or some special event? Do it in a pleasant and charming atmosphere with good food and drinks.


Exclusive coffee, delicious cakes and desserts, small snacks and the variety of drinks are offered in a small and cozy café directly in the park area, with the spectacular view to a Budweiser Black Tower and other model gems. The capacity of Café is 40 seats inside and 40 seats outside on a Sun terrace. On rainy days or in winter you get warm by the inside heater.

Ice – cream stand

In the area of kid´s playground, close to the Café. Fresh up with a good portion of fantastic ice-cream or flavoured crushed ice in hot summer day! On the other hand warm up with a cup of spicy hot wine and traditional czech Trdelník in a freezing winter time. The capacity of outside seatting near the ice-cream stand is 50 pax.


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