Recordable number of visitors and development of models


First time in the history of the project, we managed to achieve a magical number of over 100,000 visitors per season. Even in a significant way, in the year 2017, the park visited over 113,000 people. At the same time we were able to produce a record number of models, and now seven. Our boasts were immediately included the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in Plzeň as well as the dominator of the Karlovy Vary region of Loket Castle. We also worked out to make the right part of the park accessible and to expand the number of trips around the area. After some adjustments we´ve reopened in winter 2017 and at the same time we´ve set the year-round opening hours schedule.

Long way to the peak


The most successful year in the history of the project started on April 9, 2016. The park's attendance increased significantly and for the first time it reached the threshold of 100,000 visitors per year. The project began to make active use of new media. Besides the Miniature Park Boheminium has appeared on TV several times as well. The management of the Park has been completely replaced and the Park began to turn and grow up. The hunting lodge Humprecht near Sobotka and the last part of Holašovice village expand our model collection. At the same time, the cooperation with the prison in Horní Slavkov was deepened and its own model shop got a completely new look. The Park has been refreshed. It gained new technologies and equipment of the workshop, new faces in team and especially fresh ideas for the further working.


Changes in ownership and organizational structure of the Park


The year 2015 was very uncertain and brought great changes. In summer, the owners ended their cooperation with longtime manager of the company, Mr. Mika, and decided to leave the project at all. Long bargaining began and lasted until spring 2016. Part of the models was bought by the town of Mariánské Lázně and another part together with the brand "Boheminium", the private company Timeless production, s.r.o. The Prague company has thus included the park in its portfolio of companies, focusing on tourism and culture, and started operating in the spring of 2016. Attendance in 2015 dropped again below 80,000 people.


Extension of exposure of the Miniature Park Boheminium


In 2014, a team of employees was expanded and the Miniature Park Boheminium expanded with five new models to present visitors around 65 sights models. All with new information supported in Czech and three other world languages. At the same time, the exhibition increased its area to 5.5 hectares, the gardeners built additional water areas and the range of pedestrian ways in a length of 2.2 km. For the first time, annual attendance exceeded 80,000 tourists.


Stagnation of the project


The attendance of the project has stagnated for the third year and the production of models has almost stopped. The first disagreements between the owner and the manager of the park Mr. Míka showed up for the first time. These facts were kind of the prediction of big changes in following years.


Presentation of Mácha region models


In 2012, the largest model complex of the Park was presented. The Romanesque Bezděz Castle and Macha Lake with its harbor and islands, attracts the attention of visitors to this day and has came to dominate the Park. Two more models of churches in Budeč and Lomec were revealed to visitors as well. However, the Park attendance, still has not changed.


Cooperation with Slavkov´s prison


In 2011 Miniature Park Boheminium began working with the prison in Horní Slavkov, where a small group of prisoners with modeling skills was selected. Under the leading of the park workshop, they gained knowledge of technology and professional experiences. They was taught to create accurate scale models. The first common model was the Přemyslid Castle in Plzeň with its log cabin colony. Nowdays, the workshop in Slavkov produces components for larger model complexes and creates some sights all over, supervised by our modellers. For example the Chain Bridge in Sádlec or some components as an addition of the Holašovice rustic Baroque style farmhouses. 2011 was more successful in rates of the Park attendance. We´ve had around 69,000 visitors.


City of Mariánské Lázně associated with the Park management


Representatives of Mariánské Lázně supported the project and voted to buy property from bankruptcy proceedings into property of the city. Tender ended after long 9 years of complete debt settlement, maintaining the original business and only a small loss of property. Only the model of the Church of St. Nicholas (from České Budějovice)was not returned to the exposition. The company of Mr. Koting - Boheminium Mariánské Lázně s.r.o., became a tenant of the town's real estate since January 1, 2011. The company invests to development and creation of its models of Czech monuments as well. Model workshop of Mariánské Lázně with its 20 years of experience is known as one of the best in its industry. Attendance stagnates in about 50,000 visitors.


Karlštejn Castle presentation


In January 2009, the largest model of Czech republic, the Karlštejn Castle,was presented at the Tour-Region Tourism Fair in Brno. At least it was admitted by the critics as a great tourist sight, which inherently belongs to Mariánské Lázně. In the end of the year the attendace was crossed the border of the 50,000 visitors for the first time.


Architecture of Great Moravia in Park


In 2008, the first model of extinct Great Moravia architecture from the 9th century was created and the management set out to interpret the monuments of our oldest history. Other models - Hvězda Summer Palace, Karolina Spring, Hamelika Observe Tower in Mariánské Lázně and the great boast of the the Litomyšl Chateau were also exposed. At the end of November, the attendance stopped at number of 35 520 visitors.


The production boom and the increased interest of tourists


Interest in the project has grown steadily. The biggest interactive model in the park was revealed during the summer holidays - the Railway Museum in Lužná. The remote control trains have become a great attraction, especially for the kids. The visitor counter stopped at 34,500, the biggest year-on-year increase in the history of the project.


Miniature Park Boheminium in the TV show „Toulavá kamera“


In the early summer of 2006, for the first time, the TV station broadcasts the Miniature Park Bohemian report in the ČT1 chanel, Toulavá Kamera cycle. It caused an increase to more than 25,000 park visitors per year.


Installation of models of Ještěd and Metternich Chateau


In 2005, in the highest part of the park, the boast of the modern architecture has been created, Observe Ještěd Tower. In past the bobsleigh track was launched at this area. The other famous tourist point of interest the Metternich Chateau, near the Kynžvart town, was constructed and embedded to the same area as well. The has slowly bloomed. The attendance was about 20,000 visitors.


Fight of the Park future


After long litigation, the project is being acquired by a new owner, in the form of an entrepreneur, Mr. Petr Koting. Miniature Park was reopened for public on 19th June 2003. Broken continuity and confidence in success, are recovering more slowly than expectations at the very beginning. Nevertheless, the production of models started again. In autumn a large model of UNESCO monument from Ždár nad Sázavou, pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucký on the Green Mountain was exposed. In the shadow of bankruptcy struggles, the park began to build its new name, literally, the new so-called BOHEMINIUM.


Hard times


Miniature Park in Mariánské Lázně had made new friends and visitors soon. In cooperation with Czech Airlines the workshop began to construct mock-ups of our air fleet ČSA first aquatic amphibian Saro Cloud, the popular Dakota DC-3 with functional engines, with sound and spinning propellers. The town of Železná Ruda has kept its own model of the Church of the Virgin Mary with the star in the park, South Moravian Lednice retained its Minaret, the town of Písek the model of the first stone bridge in Bohemia. The interest in having its own monument in Mariánské Lázně and the interest of the visitors was a promise for the bright future of the whole project. But the hard times were come yet. The cultivated plot of land in Krakonoš near the golf course transformed into a park and began to lure developers and real estate dealers. At the beginning of 2001, nothing was threatened. However, weak protection of the developing project, led to the collapse of a private company soon. It has been the fall of Miniature Park and in the fall 2001 it entered into insolvency proceedings. In 2002, the park remained closed.


Opening ceremony of the Park

19. červen 1999

That day, the grand opening of the Park took place. A group of modellers constructed the first „test“ mock-upof the Červená Lhota Chateau, on a scale of 1:25. The exhibition of that day consisted of only 6 models - the Červená Lhota Chateau, Krakonoš hill, an ancient rotunda of St. George on a Říp hill, St. Nicholaus church with a Black Tower, Staré Bělidlo with water Mill and the Bivoj Drag Tugboat.


Far history


Perhaps, this countryside reminded the Scottish Highlands to the most revered guest of the Spa of Mariánské Lázně. Since 1905 it became the first golf course in continental Europe. . In the same year, the hotelier Zischka opened a magnificent Café Rübezahl hotel overlooking the city, with the establishment of a large English park, commissioned by Swedish gardener Swenson. The first sloping and bobsleigh track was also downhill. They started with the alpine skiing as well. However, the biggest attraction was the statue of Krakonos (Rübezahl), which was gradually supplemented by scenes from many fairy tales. Before the World War, a fairy tale journey grew up with Rose and Dwarfs, Fairy, Red Riding Hood.


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