St. Bartholomew Cathedral

Impressive construction and real jewel of the world´s hobby modeling. With it´s height more than 4 m it is the highest model in Europe.


Railway museum Lužná

Great attraction for kids – working models of trains, old railway station, passengers and the water station in Podmokly.


Royal Forest Dam

Impressive and architecturally beautiful dam with power station is the biggest model on the water. Look not only at the details of the model but also to its „nature“ around.


Červená Lhota Château

Fabulous château of Bohemia surrounded by the lake full of little red fishes. This adorable place is very popular by our visitors. It´s not just a model, but a performance of hobby modeling and nature.


Karlštejn Castle

Dominant and symbol of our Park is Karšltejn Castle. Take a selfie with one of the greatest castles and share it with your friends.


Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle

The snow-white walls, crenelations of the tower make this fairy-tale castle the most beautiful architectural marvel you can find here.


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