• Řetězový most císaře Ferdinanda
  • Historická fotografie mostu s hradem
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The location of the Loket castle on a peak surrounded by the river Ohře caused the city to be virtually a blind-alley. Even though there were historically two wooden bridges, they were both destroyed making the crossing of the river almost impossible. Only in 1720 when the imperial road was completed from Cheb to Karlovy Vary, the efforts were made to continue it also through the town of Loket. It was not until 1836 that those efforts succeeded, when after two years of construction the highest chain bridge in Bohemia was built, allowing thus the road to lead straight through the Loket´s square. Upon its opening the bridge was given the name after emperor Ferdinand I. The draft was prepared by Ing. L. Wolner and the construction was executed by the company of K. Jelínek. Due to the exceeding demands of the road traffic and its small capacity (3 tons) the bridge was closed in 1928 and destroyed three years later.

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