Chain Bridge of the Emperor Ferdinand

The location of the Loket castle on a peak surrounded by the river Ohře caused the city to be virtually a blind-alley. Even though there were historically two wooden bridges, they were both destroyed making the crossing of the river almost impossible. Only in 1720 when the imperial road was completed from Cheb to Karlovy…

Wooden bridge Rechle u Lenory

A significant engineering and technical monument is a wooden covered footbridge with shingle roof built in 1870. In our Park you can find faithful replica of this wooden gate bridge in the tree alley on the stream bank.


Písek Stone Bridge

Is the oldest bridge on the area of Czech Republic and one of two oldest bridges in Central Europe. It was probably built in the 3rd quarter of the 13th century. Explore incredibly detailed pillars and boards of our bridge model.


Stádlec chain Bridge

The Napoleonic suspension bridge near the village Stádlec is an interesting technical sight. Find the chain bridge in the upper part of the Park, not so far from the other bridges.


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