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A piece of Windsor England in the middle of southern Bohemia. This is the characterization of a fairy-tale chateau which is said to be the most beautiful mansion in our country. Originally, Hluboká Castle was founded as a guarding castle in the middle of the 13th century by Bohemian kings, who remained its owners until the times of Charles IV. After that the castle was owned by several notable aristocratic families, such as the Pernštejn family, the lords of Hradec or Malovci from Malovice. In 1661, the mansion was bought by Jan Adolf I. Schwarzenberg and his distinguished family took residence there until the end of 1939, when the last owner Dr. Adolf emigrated overseas to escape from the Nazis. Schwarzenbergs modified the Hluboká Castle twice, first in the early 18th century in the Baroque style, later in the years 1840-1871 in the Romantic style of the New Gothic. Windsor Royal Castle served as a model for the renovation. The castle was nationalized in 1947.

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