Sightseeing models of Czech republic

Discover the most popular models of Czech tourist sights: castles and châteaus of Plzeň area, towers of Karlovy Vary region or bord er area farmhouses. Admire such great uniques like Karlštejn Castle, Ještěd Tower, Colonnade of Mariánské Lázně, fabulous Château Červená Lhota and more. You can find unique pieces of hobby modeling in Boheminium Park, Mariánské Lázně!

  • St. Bartholomew Cathedral

    St. Bartholomew Cathedral

    Impressive construction and real jewel of the world´s hobby modeling. With it´s height more than 4 m it is the…

  • Jubilee gate of Pilsner Urquell

    Jubilee gate of Pilsner Urquell

    One of the most complicated models of the Park. Look at the details and the perfect resemblance with the original…

  • Bezděz Castle

    Bezděz Castle

    The symbol of „Bohemian Paradise“ rising above the Lake Mácha. This place is great for rest. Don´t hurry and have…

  • Český Krumlov Château

    Český Krumlov Château

    Český Krumlov Château with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and expanse, ranks among the most important historic sights in the…

  • Wine cellars Strážnice

    Wine cellars Strážnice

    Wine cellars Strážnice represent typical architecture of South Moravia. Wine-growing has long tradition in the Strážnice region, and even today…

  • Windmill Ruprechtov

    Windmill Ruprechtov

    Windmill with a unique Halladay turbine on the outskirts Ruprechtov village is a very interesting technical monument. It was built…

  • Windmill Kuželov

    Windmill Kuželov

    This mill, one of the few still surviving Dutch-style windmills, is situated above Kuželov on the treeless ridge of the…

  • Veligrad (Great Moravia)

    Veligrad (Great Moravia)

    Legendary Veligrad or Velehrad is one of the greatest mystery of our history. Where the capital of Great Moravia originally…

  • Stádlec chain Bridge

    Stádlec chain Bridge

    The Napoleonic suspension bridge near the village Stádlec is an interesting technical sight. Find the chain bridge in the upper…

  • Schiller Tower Kryry

    Schiller Tower Kryry

    Tower is located in the upper part of the Park, in the middle of the meadow surrounded by majestic trees.

  • Rustler farmhouse in Doubrava

    Rustler farmhouse in Doubrava

    Doubrava is typical half-timbered farmhouse founded in 1751. The model is great example of local architecture.

  • Observation Tower Poledník

    Observation Tower Poledník

    The Poledník lookout tower was transformed from the former radar tower located in the inaccessible border zone. Poledník mountain is…

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