Zámek Lázně Kynžvart

Kynžvart Chateau – treasure of west bohemian spa region. This representative summer-residence is located on foothills of fabulous and extensive Slavkovsky forest (Emperor´s forest), close to famous spa of Mariánské Lázně.

One of the most beautiful chateaus in the region built in Viennese Classicism style, attracts visitors namely by its collections of the famous Austrian Chancellor, Prince Klemens von Metternich. You may visit the chancellor's library, his study with a folding table, his smoking parlour with four valuable altar paintings, as well as the chateau armoury and chapel. Do not pass through the commemorative exposition of the last hangman of Cheb, the administrator of the Kynžvart´s museum Karel Huss. One of the highlights is the renowned cabinet of curiosities with Egyptian mummies, the comb of Empress Marie Therese, the writing desk of Alexander Dumas, and many other interesting artefacts. The cabinet has about 4000 exhibits from all over the world.

The chateau is surrounded by an English-style landscaped park spreading over an area of 100 hectares. It is known as one of the largest parks in Czech republic. There are beautiful ponds, forest summerhouses and chapels, as well as numerous smaller period-style structures and monuments that create a remarkable liaison. It has its own sandstone lido. You may find the neo-gothic chapel in the area as well. The park is adjoined by an 18-hole golf course.

The history of Kynžvart Chateau goes to renaissance, to second part of 16th Century. Back then lords of Cedvice, built the cozy fortress nearby.

In 1630 the chateau was sold to Metternich brothers, the nephew of the Electorate of Trier. The princely family of Metternich belonged to the entire estate until 1945.

The first reconstruction of the dilapidated fortress took place in the end of the 17th Century. Earl Philipp Emmerich Metternich built in place of fortress an opulent baroque chateau. The Metternich family used to visit the place not so often, because most of time they spent on their manor in german Rhineland.

Without any doubts, the most popular owner of the Chateau, was austrian Prime Minister, chancellor, Klement Metternich. He made great changes. The most famous austrian architect Mr. Nobile, was invited to a place and re-built the chateau to a Viennese clasicism. In this form the castle has been preserved until today.

Explore the beauty of the romantic nature and the fabulous surroundings. Make your day!

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