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The original church was built in 1563 and it was dedicated to the Holy Body. Its first bell was attached in 1565. Although the church was originally built as a catholic site, similarly to many neighboring religious buildings, it came into the hands of Protestants in the early 17th century who used it until 1654 when it once again belonged to Catholic Church. 1 August 2017 will be remembered as a tragic date because the church was intentionally set on fire and the whole site burned down. The only thing that remained was a wooden cross with Jesus Christ plastic art. The extent of damage was immense, the original equipment and paintings from the first half of the 16th century got destroyed. A few days later, the Třinec town initiated a fund-raising campaign and in May 2020, the construction of the exact church replica started which was then ceremonially consecrated on 6 June 2021.

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