Water mill in Slup

A unique technical monument – the Renaissance water mill in Slup and adorable model of our Park.


Church St. John of Nepomuk (Žďár n/S)

One of the UNESCO sights in Boheminium. Church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelená hora is one of the most original buildings in Europe, which still amazes people from all over the world.


Veligrad (Great Moravia)

Legendary Veligrad or Velehrad is one of the greatest mystery of our history. Where the capital of Great Moravia originally had its place?


Windmill Kuželov

This mill, one of the few still surviving Dutch-style windmills, is situated above Kuželov on the treeless ridge of the White Carpathians. The Windmill perfectly complete the romantic scenery of the Park.


Windmill Ruprechtov

Windmill with a unique Halladay turbine on the outskirts Ruprechtov village is a very interesting technical monument. It was built as a traditional Dutch-style mill.


Wine cellars Strážnice

Wine cellars Strážnice represent typical architecture of South Moravia. Wine-growing has long tradition in the Strážnice region, and even today winemakers have a high-quality, matured grapes here.


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