Water mill in Slup

A unique technical monument – the Renaissance water mill in Slup and adorable model of our Park.


Black Tower

The symbol of České Budějovice. Very impressive and incredibly detailed tower. It is also well-known target of photographers.


Humprecht Château

The Château used to be a hunting lodge. Unfortunatelly it burnt out soon. It had been completed for many years. Now it is truly unique in terms of the architectonic construction. Great news for you! Come and see it detailed at our Park!


Summer Palace Hvězda

Renaissance summer palace in deer-park Hvězda, Prague – Liboc. Great example of Czech renaissance architecture.


Český Krumlov Château

Český Krumlov Château with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and expanse, ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region.


Červená Lhota Château

Fabulous château of Bohemia surrounded by the lake full of little red fishes. This adorable place is very popular by our visitors. It´s not just a model, but a performance of hobby modeling and nature.


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