Hamelika Lookout Tower

Hamelika Lookout Tower is situated on a hill bearing the same name, at an altitude of 723 m above sea level, south of the spa city center of Mariánské Lázně. It was founded in 1876. Nowdays, you can visit the Tower whenever you´d like to enjoy the memorable city view. We recommend to start your trip to Hamelika Tower from the Miniature Park Boheminium, in a distance of 1 km. Take a walk and enjoy the trip along the deer-park and through the forest. The route is designed for the beginners as well.

The name Hamelika comes from the German pronunciation of the earlier designation "Homolka". After the idea was born, the architect Fridrich Zickler decided to build the Tower on Hamelik Hill. It was constructed as a romantic ruin of fictional castle of Mariánské Lázně. Construction was started in summer 1876 and the Tower was completed the same year. You can find this Lookout Tower in old maps as well under a name of František Josef I. Tower. Since 1926 it was also called Engelsberg-Warte Tower, by the famous composer, who lived in the city several times.

It is a 20 meter-long stone tower with a single viewing gallery. The gallery was originally open, but during the reconstruction in 2007 the lookout tower was roofed. There are 120 stairs, however some of the historical sources mention only 100 stairs. Come and count them personally.

Open all year round. No admission.


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